NumberingStar: Professional Numbering Software

How To:
1. How do I print from NumberingStar?
NumberingStar is designed to create industry standard PDF files which can then be printed using any free PDF viewing application, or integrated into an existing PDF based workflow.
2. How do I make multi part sets, carbonless forms, NCR?

Click ‘Advanced Options’ in the bottom of the window and in the ‘Blanks and Repeats’ section add as many ‘Repeats’ as you need.

For example a 3-part set would have two repeats. NumberingStar then creates three pages with 0001, then three pages with 0002 etc.

NumberingStar can even add repeats when the job is imposed multiple up.

3. Where can I download the manual for NumberingStar?
Donwload the manual for NumberingStar here (PDF file 1.3MB).
1. NumberingStar gives and error message and doesn't launch?

If NumberingStar will not launch it's probably due to a corrupt preference file.

  • On Windows XP to correct the issue go to the folder C:\Documents and Setting\"YOUR USER NAME"\Local Settings\Application Data\ then delete the folder called NumberingStar.
  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7 go to the folder C:\Users\"YOUR USER NAME"\AppData\Local then delete the folder called NumberingStar.

If you can't access these folders your system may be set up to not show hidden files. To show hidden files please follow the instructions in the following links Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 .

If this doesn't correct the problem try uninstalling NumberingStar and then reinstalling using the latest installer from this site.

2. When I try and import my file I get the error message “This file cannot be imported because it contains elements not supported by NumberingStar. Please remove Object Compression"

'Object compression' is a new feature of the PDF specification which is not yet compatible with the PDF library NumberingStar uses.

The workarounds to avoid seeing this message and/or remove object compression are:

  • Use PDF files that are version 1.4.
  • If you're using Acrobat Distiller to make the PDF make sure that in the settings window under General -> Object Compression is set to OFF.
  • Open the PDF in Acrobat (full version) and under Advanced -> PDF optimizer, set 'Clean-Up' to 'Remove Compression' and re-save the PDF.
1. What is Microsoft.NET and why does NumberingStar download and install it?

Microsoft.NET Framework is a Microsoft programming framework and is required to run NumberingStar. Most Windows XP systems have the software installed but if your system does not, for your convenience, NumberingStar will try to download and install it for you. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have the .NET software pre-installed.

1. I bought NumberingStar but I haven't received my serial number yet?

Your serial number should arrive within a few minutes after succesful payment (with the exception of Google Checkout payments which can sometimes take up to half an hour to process). When customers don't receive their serial number it is usually due to the email address being entered incorrectly at purchase time or because the email inbox is full or deactivated. If you don't receive your serial number please contact us via the contact page including a secondary email address.

2. How many PC's can I install NumberingStar on if I only buy one licence?

You can install NumberingStar on up to three PC's within your organisation with the purchase of a single licence.

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