NumberingStar: Professional Numbering Software

Image of Screenshot of NumberingStar numbering software

Fast easy to use Numbering Software

NumberingStar is fast and easy to use numbering software. Perfect for creating tickets, order books, invoices, labels, course-work...anything that needs numbering!

Print and Number at the same time

Using NumberingStar you can print and number at the same time using any printer or workflow. No need for overprinting or running jobs twice. With NumberingStar numbered jobs can be ran as quickly and as cheaply as normal jobs.

Image of imposed page for illustration purposes.
Image of exported PDF files for illustration purposes.

Import, impose and export

Import a PDF file and NumberingStar numbers each ticket, page or element in any position and as many times as you need and then outputs an imposed PDF. No further work required.

Easy Number Placing

No need to work out positions for each number on the page, simply add your numbers for one set and NumberingStar automatically calculates the rest.

Image of exported PDF files for illustration purposes.
Image of collated sheet pile for illustration purposes.

Flexible Collation options.

NumberingStar has several intelligent collation options. Print in ready to cut books and pads singly or multiple-up. No need for further time consuming manual collation.

Further features include:

  • Double sided printing - Numbers on front and back if required.
  • Any sequence of blanks and repeats for even the most complex jobs.
  • Precise control over trim and gutters with automatic PDF trim box detection.
  • Font and color options for perfect design finish.